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SI-Droid Event is translated to a number of languages by the help of volunteers.

Do you also want to help out with the translation into your own language? It's very easy to get going.

Just goto and you can directly browse and make suggestions to all translation strings without a need for an account. If you also want to add real translations, you can register for an account in Weblate and directly after that, start adding strings.

If your language is missing in Weblate, just send me an email with a request for your language and I'll add it for you.


Existing translations with completion status


Translation contributors

  • Czech - Lukáš Kettner
  • Spanish - Daniel Mayoral
  • French - Grégoire L'hôte, Marc Pivaudran
  • Hungarian - Ádám Nagy-Kovács
  • Portuguese - Nuno Leite
  • Italian - Camilla Moreni
  • Slovenian - Boštjan Bogataj
  • Portuguese (Brazil) - Josivan Juan de Oliveira
  • Russian - Ефим Долгов
  • German - Roland Spörri